Orion's Belt

A bit of a confession here – I’m fascinated by astronomy.

I always has been, even though with the exception of Big Dipper & Orion I couldn’t name a constallation, nevertheless, my grandad installed a fascination of looking at the stars from an early age, a passion at least one of my uncles & my mum shares (which has also been passed onto me). It was a damn shame he passed on a couple of weeks before the Total Eclipse of 1999, which we were fortunate to see down in Devon.

One thing I have missed about home since moving to Manchester rather oddly is seeing the stars. It’s been wonderfully clear, which lead to that rather uninmpressive photo at the top of the page. Trust me, it was spectacular. I can’t remember noticing the stars in Manchester.

Anyway there’s going to be a programme on the BBC presented about Prof. Brian Cox called Stargazing on Monday (tonight!), which will be a bit like Springwatch, only amazing. I’m not sure what the programme will be about, but it could be about the partial solar eclipse happening on Tuesday morning – the peak of which is happening at about quarter past 8. Yeah I know it’s the first day back for most of us after Christmas, but surely you can be a few minutes late for work to see a partial solar eclipse?

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