Dulcimer Chorlton & The Need of a Local

Update: Dulcimer is reported to reopen on the 24th March, 2011.

This photo makes me very sad.

R.I.P. Dulcimer

This is the Dulcimer in Chorlton. It sold real ale & fantastic cheeseboards (and ask the mother, I’m somebody who isn’t that into cheese bar Primula, Babybel & Brie), and was a great place where I shared many a banter with Shane, amongst others. Seriously, behind those shutters we put the world to rights, brokered a Middle East Peace Treaty, cured cancer, and made ourselves richer than the entire past, present & future cast of Dragon’s Den. Combined.

Until last night, where it shut down.

Unless you enjoy a beer as much as me, you’ll know how much this hurts. This was my local. I loved that place, a proper pub, with music, good ales, good food & banter. All at a reasonable price. I’ve never lost a local before (I was a little too young when Taylors became The Pen y Bryn). I don’t know what to do! It does feel like I’ve lost a leg.

Anyway, I need a new local in Chorlton, must:-

  • Serve Real Ale.
  • Have Good Food.
  • Not Too loud.

It’d be great if it has:-

  • A pub quiz.
  • A dartboard.

Any suggestions would be greatfully appreciated!

12 thoughts on “Dulcimer Chorlton & The Need of a Local”

  1. I was sad like a close friend had passed on, now I am happy again reading Jane’s comment. I was even contemplating getting in touch with Badly Drawn Boy and seeing if he could get it reopened somehow (He was a random regular there). This is no longer needed.

    Rhys my fellow Welshman, we shall drink Ale and eat cheeseboards once more.

  2. I’m afraid I’ve heard different, that they have closed due to non payment of VAT and are now in liquidation… Sorry to bear the bad news, I also loved the place!

  3. When it opened I was there on day one and quite involved with music. Went bad ages ago especially weekends always some scally types in there I and most people I know sacked it off for this reason, Lee was also a right nasty drunk(owner) you lot don’t know the half of it. Beer garden a deathtrap in stampedes when rammed can’t get served unhelpful door staff and the royal oak thugs coming in and giving it large I’m a big man and I had no problem but had step in on few occasions to stop friends and randoms being picked on. It lost it’s soul friendly folk types my arse beam me up snotty etc, it’s going to beclosed for ages now, and no one cares. You can put the world to rights in any pub, so why do it there? Beech road ! Parlour. That’s the one.

  4. Yeah I was pretty sad to hear about this, loved that place. That said, would have been sadder a year or so ago when the prices were still reasonable.

    It might be a bit depressing in there but we’ve been rocking the ‘Spoons next to the library recently. I’d nearly forgotten you can get battered in there for less than a tenner, especially with CAMRA vouchers.

  5. Dulcimer’s been bought! Same managers (who now own it) and lots of the same staff too!!! I hear it should be opening early in March! Bring it on!!! See you there!


    I was there last night (24th March) and it was just like old-times – but better! Cool relaxed vibe and friendly people.

    Totally new owner – but old faces running it (the friendly ones!). Has definitley got it’s old groove back. Fresh lick of paint, great beers, re-done back yard. DJ and band line up looks like it’s kept most of it’s familiar names. Hope it continues.

  7. I am sad to hear the comments of Kermit le frog. I am not trying to be nasty to you but note to others my view that you are wrong in your assumption of Lee. Firstly you do not know him. If you did you would not accuse him of being a ‘nasty drunk’. He opened Dulcimer to give to the people an old style pub that until it got too full of drug taking people was brilliant. Your comment too of ‘you lot don’t know the half of it’ has no substance. When people steal from you, trash your bar and generally feel they can say what they want with no understanding of that persons life does not give you the right to make comments and general accusations. I can say I know him of 15 years and he has been sensitive to all unfair comments and has lost a great deal to try and keep the bar & trade going in Chorlton.He always and still now thinks of others before himself. I was also the shareholder and I have been through many sad times and loses with him over it. So it is you that doesnt know the half of it I am sorry to say.

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