Twitch Channel

Welcome to my Twitch Channel! Every so often (usually once or twice a week) I stream whatever game I’m currently playing at the moment. I’m usually terrible, but I’m looking to connect with fellow gamers and for those who are looking for a chat and a natter.


  • Don’t be an arse. Would you say what you’re saying to your mother? If so, continue. If not, you’re being an arse. Stop it.
  • Try not to ruin the games for me. I am playing these new often, so avoid spoilers.
  • I swear in my dulcet English accent. I try not to swear enough to make a docker blush, but I will swear.
  • Any Racism/Sexism/Homophobia or any abuse will see you banned.


If you wish to support this channel, the best thing you can do is follow me on Twitch. Seriously. I would love it so much if you could support me.