How To Make The Most of February’s Mancseo

Last night I headed to The Lass O’Gowrie for their monthly computer club. I was also scouting for the Mancseo meetup this coming Thursday. In my wobbly legged scouting mission, here’s what I’ve learnt:-

  • They have a quiz on. It could be fun!
  • The ales at the moment include Northumberland Brewery “Bucking Fastard” (please don’t giggle too much) and another one, as well as Cheshire Brewery’s Spitting Feathers‘ latest ale. I’d recommend the Spitting Feather’s ale. It’s nice.
  • They are showing the Liverpool match from 6pm, and the Citeh match later.
  • I didn’t manage to secure the room. Yeah, I know, I’m crap.
  • The arcade machines there include Paperboy, Track & Field and a Pac-Man machine. Somebody buy me the pac-man machine, it’s gorgeous.

In either rate, I enjoy the Mancseo events. Who’s going? Are you going to be there tomorrow night? I’d love to see you guys there.

One thought on “How To Make The Most of February’s Mancseo”

  1. Hi there Rhys,

    Bucking Fastard was a legal term used in the old Wild West – and it was several years before they noticed the spoonerised qualities of the term!

    When a cattle rancher accused a neighbour of trying to rustle his livestock, the courtroom would often call for a “Bucking Fastard”. This was typically the most fastidious of the rancher’s beasts – or the “fastard”. The animal would be brought into court and placed in front of the defendant. Typically, if the animal remembered seeing the miscreant, it would buck around in fear – and the defendant would be sent down.

    Needless to say, when someone pointed out that the term could be misconstrued as a rude spoonerism, it was dropped from the legal system!

    Yours Educationally,


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