Trip to Amsterdam & Leiden 2013

As well as WordCamp Europe, I also had a little bit of time walking around both Amsterdam & Leiden with my fantastic company of Alex, Shane, John Boy & Ryan. This was my second time in The Netherlands, going previously with a Contiki Tour in 2006(7?), so I wondered if I truly enjoyed Amsterdam as much as a nigh-on 30 year old as I did when I was early 20’s.

In short I did really. I hate to say it but I think I preferred it this time around. Largely probably due to the fact I wasn’t coming off a whirlwind tour of Europe and I actually had time to reflect. The apartment on Airbnb was great, we found this great little bar with friendly staff on the first night that became a home from home during our stay.

So here are some photos of both Amsterdam & Leiden, I hope you like them – will be back in a few weeks as this weekend I’m jetting off for my actual holiday – some down time as I go to Germany and Belgium. See you soon!

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