Hello WordCamp Europe, I’m Rhys

I really not been blogging much here, so in an format blatantly stolen from Jeremy Felt. I have thought about doing an introduction post about me for WordCamp Europe attendees.

Hello everybody! My name is Rhys Wynne. I work for 3 Door Digital as a Digital Marketing Consultant and also make my own WordPress Plugins which are hosted on Winwar Media.

I’m traveling to WordCamp Europe with my partners-in-crime Alex, Shane & John, staying in an apartment in Amsterdam for the duration of the trip.

I’m super excited for attending the first ever WordCamp Europe, after attending WordCamp UK Lancaster earlier this year (you can read my notes here), so I’m looking forward for meeting as many of you as possible. However I’m particularly looking forward to attend and speak to the following people.

  • Any premium plugin developers – there’s 3 of us who are attending who have produced premium plugins in WordPress, and would like to talk about such topics as marketing, upgrading advice and generally share notes.
  • Anybody who works with bbPress – I’ve a few ideas that I want to share for possible plugins.

So if you fall into the following categories, send me a tweet or drop me an email, I’d be keen to meet up!

Furthermore, we’ll be knocking around Amsterdam on Friday, so if anybody fancies meeting up for a cheeky drink and a natter of all things WordPress, it’d be great to hear from you!

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