Loot Gaming August 2016 Unboxing – Mecha

Today we’re focussing on Loot Gaming August 2016 unboxing, which is entitled “Mecha”. Yeah it’s a couple of months old, but this may be my last Loot Gaming review for a while.

This month I am a fan of none of the franchises. Zero. Which is a shame as the early boxes had a mix of stuff both quite old and quite new stuff. Now it seems pure epic modern franchises, which bar a select few, I’m not a fan of.

So I’ve cancelled the box for now. But I did review the final one – Mecha – which contains items from Deus Ex, Bioshock, Borderlands and other franchises I have never played. Here is the video.

Loot Gaming August 2016 Unboxing Video

So as you hear, the items themselves are nice, and it’s a really high quality box, but I’m just not a big a fan of the games to justify this box going forward. Which is a huge shame.

I’m probably not 100% done with Loot Gaming though, I’ve still subscribed to their newsletter so if a box tickles my fancy I’ll pick one up, but I think it will be a month by month thing.

Anyway, I’m still going to review loot boxes (I’ve a new one to do soon), so you can see what happens  if you subscribe to my Youtube Channel here.

Own Part of the Crate!

From the crate, I’ve put the following things on eBay:-

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Only Here for the Kraków (Oh, and a Wedding)

The final trip abroad for me this year saw me spend a fair few days in Kraków, in Poland, for my brother and now-sister-in-law’s wedding. Poland struck me as one of those places I’d go eventually, and seeing my brother tie the knot seemed like more than a good excuse to go.

I’m not going to talk about the wedding. I don’t feel it’s the place to talk about it here. Besides, if you really want to, they may share a video on their YouTube channel. But I will say fact it was wonderful and followed the Polish tradition of weddings going until silly-bugger-o’clock in the morning, but here are some highlights for me.


Things I did in Krakow

On the first morning, I took a walking tour from The Free Walking Tour Foundation. It was there we found out about the history and culture behind Krakow, as well as the weird quirks. One such quirk is the bugle player playing every hour. We also found out lots the castle’s connection to Australia, as well as lots about John Paul II.

The second day I took in a museum, the rather brilliant Krakow Pinball Museum. We’re fortunate in Manchester in that we’re close to the rather brilliant Arcade Club, but this was good fun. I’ve given full thoughts over on Retro Garden on the Krakow Pinball Museum.

Towards the end of the holiday I took another free walking tour, this time of the Jewish quarter. This tour was recommended to me to get a better understanding of Krakow. This was interesting but I feel I should’ve done this on the first day, though we were fortunate as I did this on a Monday, where many of the museums and Synagogues on the tour were open for free, and the company were licenced to take us around, which was great. I ended the day going into the  Oscar Schindler Museum, which is free on Monday. The museum focuses mainly on Krakow during the Second World War. It only has 2 or 3 rooms dedicated to Oscar Schindler. It is well worth going to, especially on a Monday.



Where I Ate In Krakow

Food wise, I spent a lot of time in the Alchemia Pub & Restaurant, which had a great range of not-exactly-Polish cuisine, with great beer. I also found a delightful coffee shop called Cytat Cafe which was quirky and gave you quotes with every coffee.

I also loved the food at Pimento Argentine Grill – I loved the Sweet Potato and Chorizo.

But the main event, the wedding, was the highlight of the week. I wouldn’t change that for the world.

Zavvi Zbox Marvel Mystery Box – Unboxing

So we’re two thirds of the way through unboxing our Zavvi’s Zboxes as we’re unboxing the second free Zavvi Zbox, this one is a Marvel Mystery Box.

Zavvi Zbox Discount Code

This box (and last month box), didn’t have a discount however if you buy the boxes through Quidco you can get all three boxes (including this box and the Zavvi Welcome Box for £15.

Is The Zavvi Zbox Marvel Mystery Worth It?

Overall this box wasn’t too bad, but wasn’t great. The comic was quite nice and the Funko seems to go for a bit. I quite liked the tin (I have used it), but the rest I put on eBay. Nothing in this box was inherently bad, but for me who wasn’t the biggest Marvel fan I wasn’t convinced.

But for a fiver it wasn’t bad.

Own Some of the Zavvi Zbox Marvel Mystery Box

I’ve stuck the following items on eBay:-

What Do You Think?

If you have purchased this box, let me know your thoughts? Did you get something different? Was the calendar as useless as I found it? Please let me know in the comments!

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

So I was nominated by Pete Handley of theMediaFlow (as well as my childhood friend Steve Prior) to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. As this blog is starved of content, I’ve decided to upload it here!

I’m not donating to ALS, but rather donating to the Callum Murray Fund. Callum is a brave lad who has been at many British Wrestling shows over the last few years, and I’ve been honoured to meet him after shows. Callum suffers from Arnold Chiari Malformation, we are a fundraising page designed to help get Callum to the USA for treatment. If nothing else from this video, please consider liking and supporting that page. Thank you.

I’ve nominated my FireCask boss Anna Moss, my brother and my mate Dave from back home. 24 hours!

P.S. Yes I am well aware that my shorts say “66” on it. As a proud Welshman I found these lying around and didn’t mind ruining them ;).

The Two Best Things of 2013

So another year is over. It was the beginning of 2013 when I relaunched this blog, so I’ve been blogging on and off for a year. Of course, the next few posts are times for reflection on things – a post later this week is seeing how many of my goals for 2013 I have hit (take a guess?).

It’s has felt like a bit of a quiet, if uneventful year for me. I don’t know, but with loads happening in 2012, this year seemed a lot more settled. So much so that I really wanted to do “three things”, but couldn’t think of a third thing for the list – other that I’ve a few new dear friends in my life now, which is obviously number one!

So for me, these are my two highlights of 2013.

2. Writing of bbPress Complete


Seriously, if you told me at the beginning of 2013 I would be a published author by the end of the year, I wouldn’t believe it. But on Valentine’s Day I received an email asking me to pitch for a book (instantly becoming the best Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had), I started writing a book on the Histon away day, and finished writing it on the last day of the season against Gloucester City. Two months later, bbPress Complete was published.

I am quite chuffed that I wrote a book, even though it took my eye off a few projects, which are now going to be 2014 goals. Nevertheless I have a morbid fascination of something I’ve created still being here after I die. Now, with this book, I’d like to think there will be now.

1. My Wrestling Career


As surprising as it may sound, the number one highlight of this year is that – in my fifth year of being involved in professional wrestling in the UK – I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed this year more than all.

It has been superb. I have gone from being nervous before shows and finding any reason to miss shows to canceling semi-serious plans and going out of my way on a Sunday to make bookings. I’ve gone from feeling a bit player to a point whereby at the Christmas Party a few of the top guys in British wrestling told me they hope to work with me in 2014, which is incredibly humbling.

Amazingly, BWP have enough faith in me that I have helped with the training. Of course, not for anything athletic, but how to structure characters and helping with their confidence. It’s a huge change from the unconfident, stuttering embarrasment that first appeared on shows four and a half years ago.

I’m so happy working with the rookies, and incredibly happy with my progress in 2013. Hopefully this will only get better in 2014.

To all those who I’ve worked with, traveled with, supported me or even made a sign for me (yes! That happened this year), thank you. It’s been awesome.